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Articles - August 2013

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My health manifesto

posted on 17 August 2013 in wellness info

A Doctor, Nurse and an Alchemist were having a conversation by a riverbank, when a drowning lady floats into view, shouting for help. The doctor and the nurse leaps into the treacherous water and dra...more info >>>

what is heartmath?

posted on 1 August 2013 in wellness info

HeartMath is a scientifically-validated system of tools, techniques and computer-based technology proven to be effective in stress reduction, learning and performance management to manage your emoti...more info >>>

Realign with your heart and ignite your passion for life retreat on 11th of August!

posted on 1 August 2013 in wellness info

Feel better more often and start living the life you really want with voyage to heart intelligence in this one day retreat ! In this amazing healing retreat you will learn three main things 1. Authen...more info >>>