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Five ways to well being retreat

posted on 19 February 2017 | posted in wellness info

A Life altering one day retreat to discuss the 5 Ways to Well Being will be held 7th of May2017 at Datchet Village hall. In the spirit of 5 ways to well being, the whole proceeds of this workshop goes to charity( Know Thyself Foundation Limited).

This retreat is hosted by Know Thyself Foundation which a charity set up to empower individuals through the science of meditation .The retreat would be facilitated by Dr Ruben Seetharamdoo who was awarded health coach of the year in the UK by the the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants and also recipient of the Health Excellence award in 2016 . Dr. Ruben Seetharamdoo, or "Ruben," as his friends around the world know him, is dedicated to cutting through the typical overly-hyped fitness nonsense that is running rampant in today's health and wellness industry and offers tried and true, well grounded principles for creating a foundation of health in your life.Ruben applies is his 15+ years of education and experience in human psychology, Science , health and wellness to help you build a toolkit-for-life, full of concepts and techniques to apply in your daily endeavors, in transforming the quality of your life , and in creating your best outcomes in life.This retreat will offer participants the life-altering opportunity how to overcome mind-numbing negativity and to learn the five ways to true Well Being.

Ruben will show those who attend how to confront what hampers their true happiness, how to eliminate the mental negativity blocking fulfillment of dreams and aspirations. He builds all of the workshop’s activities around the startling fact that 40% of our happiness is a result of how we think and what we do! And that we have CHOICES in how happy we can be!

The retreat will explore how to multiply the participants’ “Mental Capital,” which, in turn, multiplies Well Being. It will offer partakers powerful, down-to-earth methods for becoming their own Health and Life Coach, increasing their sense of true purpose and belonging.

The physical wellbeing and lifestyle of the participants will also be discussed , since body and mind are intrinsically connected. Practical, proven methods for weight management, suggested improvements to everyday routines, and customized plans for bodily wellbeing will be explored.

This one day retreat will give you the answers to the following questions:

Do you have all the joy-faith –trust-hope-creativity you desire?

Do you suffer from deadening exhaustion?

Do you really believe Everything in life is possible if you really want it?

Did you know fulfilling our dreams are dependent on our Health-Physical and Mental?

Do you fear not fitting in?

Do you lack confidence/self-sufficiency?

Do you Love Yourself? feel joy? feel Brave?

Do you know that there is Head work and Heart work?

Do you work longer and harder but with less satisfaction?

Would you like to

Feel in control—able to make choices to increase your sense of purpose and belonging?

Achieve Mental Health—the Increase of fulfillment possible for ordinary people?

Achieve Physical Health and Learn how to Maintain a Healthy Life Style?

Transform your Body…Your mInd...Your life?

This one day retreat will

Confront what hampers development of happiness

Construct a Responsible lifestyle

Use actual technologies to help in the process

Demonstrate how to listen and build strong relationships

Prove vulnerability is desirable and achievable

Introduce Earthing—new approach to consciousness-building

Demonstrate proper Breathing methods-

Discuss the need for Positive Surroundings—Blue and Green spaces

Encourage the exposure to Sunshine-a proven lifesaver-

Help the participants find one Positive thing to FOCUS on

Offer Methods to Effectively Manage Conflict

Provide Practical exercises/discussions on each area of well-being-

Benefits of attending

Well-being is a dynamic state which we can dramatically increase through proven and practical methods. High levels of well-being involve positive functioning—that is—creative thinking, good interpersonal relationships, resilience in adversity, and good physical health. All of these concepts will be included in the workshop’s sessions and activities.

One particularly essential aspect of Well Being is physical fitness. If you are not feeling well or not functioning well physically, then your mental health suffers. Achieving and maintaining proper weight, participating in age-appropriate physical exercise, and improving overall eating habits all contribute to physical wellbeing. And scores of medical studies support the theory that physical health increases self-esteem, moods, sleep quality, reduction of stress and medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and mental disorders. This retreat will explore the methods and means to achieve and maintain proper physical wellbeing through successful weight management, life style modifications, and new approaches to controlling stress and health condiditons.

Secrets on how to achieve the Five Ways to Well Being will be revealed

You will learn How to:

1)Connect (social relationships and more)

2)Be Active (demystifying the myths of physical exercises)

3)Take Notice (Mindfulness)

4) Keep Learning (learning)

5) Give to others (Giving)

And there will even be another additional ½ Way to achieve Well Being as a bonus !

This retreat provides each participant with proven ways to become “who you truly are.”

Seats are limited only to 25 delegates in this retreat and first 10 delegates to book get a free copy of Ruben's book 51/2 ways to well being worth £10.00

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