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Fast weight Loss

Permanent Weight Loss

fat2Discover a Revolutionary New Method That guarantees fast weight loss and Permanently . This is Ruben's unique tried and tested approach that guarantees fast weight loss as result!

One of the primary reasons why I do not use BMI as an indicator for your ideal weight is because it is a flawed measurement tool is that it usesweight as a measure of risk, when it is actually a high percentage of body fat that makes a person obese. Your weight takes into account your bone structure, for instance, so a big-boned person may weigh more, but that certainly doesn't mean they have more body fat. BMI also tells you nothing about where fat is located in your body, and it appears that the location of the fat, particularly if it's around your stomach, is more important than the absolute amount of fat when it comes to measuring certain health risks, especially heart disease.

What do I need to have before I start one to one coaching with Ruben?

1. Access to internet and a smartphone e.g iphone, blackberry, Samsung Galaxy,...
2. Access to skype
3. Have a facebook account
4. Willingless to have optimal health and boundless energy

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