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My health manifesto

posted on 17 August 2013 | posted in wellness info

A Doctor, Nurse and an Alchemist were having a conversation by a riverbank, when a drowning lady floats into view, shouting for help. The doctor and the nurse leaps into the treacherous water and drags the lady out and perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), thereby saving the lady's life. But before they can ask her what happened, a man floats by, also crying for help.

The doctor and nurse jump in the water again, and drag him out to safety and resuscitated him . But as soon as he is safe and alive on the river bank , two more people come floating down the river; children this time. The doctor and nurse are straight back in, rescuing them from the powerful current, but by now , they are starting to get tired. So they turn to the Alchemist for help, when they realise that he's turned his back. He's walking away from them , along the riverbank, towards the river's source.

All of a sudden the doctor and the nurse see four more people being swept down the river. "I need your help! Where are you going?" they shouted to the Alchemist. The Alchemist turns to the doctor& the nurse and replies, "I'm going upstream to find out who's throwing them in the river and get them to stop."

The doctors and the nurse were dealing with the symptoms, whilst the Alchemist went looking for the cause. The fact is that matter is that most common challenges that people in the health industry are struggling to overcome are actually symptoms. But when you try and solve the symptom without dealing with the cause, it can be exhausting, frustrating, and eventually fruitless.

The medical team including doctors and nurses do a brilliant job to treat people's symptoms to make them better but they are very busy and exhausted and do not have time to deal with the cause of the problems.

The government spends billions on health care system and most of it goes towards treating symptoms (via drugs from Big Pharma and Surgery...) . Only 2-3 percent of the government's budget get spent on treating the cause of the problems like addressing lifestyle (which is genuine health and well being)

This is where my company "Unleash the Alchemist within" comes into the picture. We offer the public online courses, workshops and innovative coaching using evidence based research how to lead healthy lifestyle. Our two main signature coaching programme that goes right to the source of the problems are:

  1. 71/2 secrets to optimal health and boundless energy
  2. Reclaim your vitality and sovereign health by harnessing nature's five elements !

Our aim is to guide you to unleash the Alchemist dormant within you so that you can achieve your full potential, contribute to the world and live a fulfilling life .

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