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About Ruben

My incredible Journey from a near death experience at age 21 to being the Health Coach of the Year in the UK.

My name is Dr. Ruben Sherandra Seetharamdoo, or "Ruben," as my friends around the world know me. I am dedicated in helping you cut through the overly-hyped diet, exercise and fitness nonsense that is running rampant in today's health and wellness industry. I am here to give you the in-depth information you've been seeking to get into the best shape of your life! I'll give you the benefit of my health and wellness expertise so you'll soon be eating and exercising healthier than ever. My life's work revolves seeking tried and true, well-grounded principles for creating a foundation of total health and wellness.

With your best interests in mind, I've applied my 15+ years of education and international experience in human psychology, science, health and wellness to help you for you a customized "toolkit-for-life" one that you can live with and enjoy using every day of your life. This toolkit is packed to the brim with easy to understand concepts and doable techniques to revitalize and rejuvenate your daily lifestyle. I promise that this toolkit will work to help you transform your quality of life and recreate the best mind/body fitness and vitality you've ever experienced. But first here's a little about me and my background and why I am a health messenger .

How I grew up...

I was born in the island of Mauritius. As a child, I started playing football at the tender age of just 5 years old. I immediately fell in love with the sport; fast-forward several years, and I realized my dream of playing for my school team at an amateur level! However, what I didn't tell you is that for 14 of those years, I equated fitness to health.

The truth of the matter is: being physically fit is not always the same as being in good health. Even though I was involved in competitive sports, I did not have the best of health... At a very young age I decided to become a vegetarian so that I can have optimal health. But being vegetarian alone is not good enough!

I Almost Had To DIE FIRST!

As a matter of fact… I got into studying health, natural health sciences, well-being, and longevity in a very ODD way… It’s true! Back in 1997 , while I was completing my first degree in chemistry…I had a near death experience that really opened my eyes to just how important our health is, and how much we often take it for granted.

Initially, I overcame life-threatening "typhoid fever ". This left me weak and listless for months. Then a couple of months later, I had a severe bout of "food poisoning" and landed in the hospital. I experienced life-threatening complications while recovering from my bout of "food poisoning" which caused my heart to stop! My life flashed before my eyes and I had a near to death experience and as I was subjected to "heart shock treatment" with a defibrillator! The doctors told me that I was VERY lucky to be alive.

Well, this really triggered something in me and it was a great wake-up call in terms of my health, because over the next several years…
I dedicated much of my life to learning about health and wellness.

I went on a mission to find all the best health, diet and wellness programs available. I spent THOUSANDS of pounds on books, audio CDs, workshops, and custom training seminars on health, wellness, and longevity that I could find. I learned from top experts in health and wellness like Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Joseph McClendon , David Wolfe, Dr Robert Young…

But it was ONE book in particular that has the most profound and life-changing effect on me. It was "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho… a book about becoming self-empowered, overcoming your mental blocks, and believing in dreams.

And after I read it, I realised that everything in life is possible as long as you really want it to happen. But in my mind, all dreams were dependent on your health. It you weren’t healthy, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your life’s dreams as much!

Transition from Chemist to Alchemist and my first published book on Amazon!

It made me want to follow my dream of helping as many people as I could to improve their own lives through better health and wellness. And for me that meant I made the transition from a chemist to an Alchemist!

In fact, that book meant so much to me, I named my entire wellness company after it! My company name is "
Unleash the Alchemist Within Limited". And all of this has led me to continually focus my energy and studies on cutting-edge health and wellness information. And it’s actually helped me become one of the foremost authorities in the field.

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know that I have what it takes to help you live at your absolute healthiest and best. Now let's go back to my story about how I became a world renowned speaker, respected author, wellness consultant and Scientist. My first book is called "
The Tried And Tested 12 Practical Steps Blueprint : How you can crush your addictive habits naturally and easily using cutting edge Mind Technology and the Neurosciences in 21 days" and is available on Amazon.

After I obtained my University degree...

I had an overwhelming feeling about needing to share what I had learned about health, physical and mental fitness, and enhanced wellness with others. My quest for knowledge led me to the ‘Dale Carnegie’s Institute’ where I did a 12 weeks leadership training to understand the true nuances of leadership.

I continued my quest and attended university in order to complete my studies in psychiatric nursing. Being a Registered Mental health Nurse gave me incredible insights into human behavior which I use in my everyday life and in my coaching and training methods. This opened a whole new world to me! I decided to finish my behavioral training and went on to complete my Masters with the Open University. I eventually completed my PhD where my thesis was focused on addictive behaviour and the NeuroSciences . It was during this time in my life I was introduced to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and NLP training. NLP became a source of incredible inspiration for my pursuit of the inner connection between the mind/body link and how to enable significant lifestyle changes. So in 2008, I became a Neuro-Energetics Certified Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Human Neuro Linguistic Psychology during a 3 weeks intensive residential training I attended in Arizona in the United States. My expertise grew and in order to become a certified NLP trainer I carried on with my epistemological quest for knowledge and got a coaching qualification

with Oxford Brookes University. I became interested in heart maths and related health issues dealing with the interconnection of the mind, heart, and brain In turn this lead me to dive even deeper in the science of wellness and patient recovery and the science of heart maths. In 2011, I became a licensed coach in Heart Maths and Emotional Resilience.

My Work expertise ranging from working in Harley Street, the NHS, Priory Hospital and internationally in the USA

My health and wellness experience has been very wide and varied. Over the years of my health and wellness career I have worked in various disciplines of health in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK including oncology, learning disability, stoke, palliative care. I was intrigued by this type of work and I honed my clinical skills and used my expertise in private hospital like the Priory in London. Later I went even deeper into the most difficult to reach patients substance abuse patients. In recent years, I worked in Massachusetts in the USA to help young people in dual diagnosis problems. All this lead me up to becoming a better health coach and creating my own coaching programmes.

I’ve Taught My Optimal Health and Energy Tips To So Many Others and They Got Great Results As Well….

Over the years, as I’ve learned SO MANY techniques about being healthier and improving all aspects of life. Because the more I learned… the more I realised I could help so many other people improve their health and overall happiness in their lives. The most amazing thing is… the more friends and family members I showed these techniques to… the more they worked like magic. Friends and family were losing weight, gaining strength and energy, and starting to tell me that they had NEVER looked OR felt this good. Many friends kept telling me "Ruben you’ve GOT to teach this stuff to MORE people. You can help SO many other people out. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing ever since. I KNEW This Needed To Be Available To More People… I’ve put together "health and wellness workshops and retreats" that you can now use to lose weight, get in shape, increase your strength and energy, improve your feelings of wellness and peace of mind, and got fantastic feedback!

Being Voted the Health Coach of the year in the UK on the 22
nd of March 2013

My current forte is not only as a manager in the NHS but also as a health coach, scientist, author and Speaker. I love training and consulting in health and wellness and as a fellow of the Royal Society of Public health my consulting and training services are high in demand. The downside of one-on-one training and coaching is there is only so much of "me" to go around! With that thought in mind, I have created several online training programmes that you can enjoy right in the comfort of your own home.

Presently, I live in Buckinghamshire in the UK with my lovely wife Samanta. Various experience has brought challenges in my life – out of which, my philanthropic nature imbibed a sense of understanding for human beings. I like to listen, to absorb and to talk back in a remedial way by bridging each person to his lost soul and potential in life. Recently, to put the icing on the cake, I have been very humbled and honoured to be voted on the 22
nd March 2013 as the " Health Coach of the Year" in the UK by the Association of Professional Coaches, trainers and Consultants. I am currently working on my second book to be published this year entitled: "71/2 Secrets to Optimal Health and Boundless Energy." To be coached by Ruben , email :


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