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What are the main sources of power for your cells?

posted on 19 January 2013 | posted in wellness info

The mitochondria are the main sources of power for your cells.
Without them you and I would be slow moving, geographically
localized (like within a 10 foot radius) creatures. So we should
all be thankful for our mitochondria.

But, there is a price to pay for all this power and being at the
top of the food chain.

Mitochondria can get sick and they can get old. And oxygen is a
dangerous friend by nature, since it always generates free

Thus your mitochondria can fail to provide adequate energy and they
are subject to the slings and arrows of everyday life.

What are the slings and arrows? Well to be honest - the usual
suspects are at fault.

1)Poor diet
2)Lack of sleep and adequate recuperation regeneration
4)Sedentary behavior or its opposite, excessive exercise
5)Hormone imbalances
6)Xenohormones (xeno toxins - things that mimic the behavior of
hormones and block or amplify the normal responses
7)Toxic chemicals in food, cookware, or pollutants in the
environment - primarily plastic/petroleum components or byproducts
8)Radiation (solar, microwave) and EMF

Now, unless you walk around with a Geiger counter or an EMF sensor,
some of this stuff is going to zap you without you even knowing it.

But, by making better choices in those things that you know you can
control, you can reduce the toxicity to the mitochondria, your
genetic material (DNA) and your telomeres. And they help buffer you
and your powerhouses from those unseen and unknown hidden dangers
that lurk everywhere these days.

All of this stacks the odds in your favor, as far as a longer
healthier life is concerned.

If you don't take action, then all of the critical cell, tissue,
organ system and organism (you!) systems are going to be affected.

Now understand this: the one thing I didn't put in there was the
aging process. Unless you specifically address the aging process,
you are eventually going to see declines in your mitochondria and
all the other systems I talked about. Truthfully, this is going to
happen for another 5 to 10 years, until such time as we find even
more potent things to stop and reverse the aging process.

But, you can do a ton more than most people do and you'll likely be
far healthier when those new discoveries come along!

A simple solution to improve the function and power generation is,
to supply your power houses (mitochondria) with the right mix of
"substrates" -things they use to make power. These are also the
things that get zapped by that list of 8 things above. And these
are things that decline with aging.

Remember the quality of your health by the quality of your cells.
To find out about the quality of your cells,

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