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The tried and tested 12 practical steps book

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The tried and tested 12 practical steps blueprint how you can crush your addictive habits naturally and easily using cutting edge Mind Technology and the Neurosciences in 21 days [Paperback]

Ruben S Seetharamdoo PhD

Book Description

Unleash the alchemist within! Map your journey! Discover this tried and tested approach to say good bye to your addictive habits! If you are struggling to overcome your addictive behaviour which is stopping you from: losing weight, quitting smoking and alcohol, gaining control of your life, overcoming self-destructive behaviour, restoring self-esteem, being who you potentially are …then this book is yours! Through the 12 practical steps blueprint that Ruben Seetharamdoo has devised, through dedicated research and clinical experience, you will simply have a more fulfilling life and be a real magnet to health, wealth, relationship! And the secret is to crush your addiction! Addiction to a certain mind set! Ruben has instead proposed a de-addictive behaviour pattern locked with only one thing – SUCCESS!

'Ruben's 12-step blueprint takes you through an epic journey, whereby you will find all the resources within you to fight against addictive behaviour! A thought provoking, a model of excellence, challenging, mind-shifting with revolutionary Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, infused with a flair and tested original strategies…a Rubenian one indeed!" S.S London

Traditional rehab profess that addiction is a disease that can never be completely overcome, instead, can be managed at best. I am sure that you have realised that there is more to life, rather than just managing your life! Well, this is why and how Ruben's 12-step blueprint can help you!" Unlock your true life purpose with Ruben's 12-step tested programme now! And transform your life into a magical masterpiece of happiness and abundance!


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