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How processed foods can affect your blood plasma?

posted on 20 January 2013 in Healthy eating

Have you ever seen a picture of your blood plasma after you’ve eaten a meal from McDonald’s or Burger King? It’s not a pretty picture. It looks thick and cloudy. Fast foods are loaded with fat and sod...more info >>>

What are the main sources of power for your cells?

posted on 19 January 2013 in wellness info

The mitochondria are the main sources of power for your cells. Without them you and I would be slow moving, geographicallylocalized (like within a 10 foot radius) creatures. So we shouldall be thankf...more info >>>

How to motivate yourself?

posted on 4 October 2012 in wellness info

How to GET MOTIVATED? Is there something that you wish to change in your life? It requires some confidence to do that. Here is the formula that tells you how much the change means to you! A change can...more info >>>

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