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Natural Fibre complex

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A dietary fibre complex with psyllium husks, flaxseed and other high-fibre foods (in capsules)

Our Dietary Fibre Complex is a high-fibre nutritional formula in capsules, derived from psyllium husks and seeds, flaxseed, prune juice, fig fruit and other high-fibre foods and herbs.
A healthy combination of both insoluble and soluble fibres, essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system
This combination of insoluble and soluble fibre is more than just roughage - it provides cellulose, pectin, omega oils, hemicellulose, lignin and gums. This, in particular, is beneficial for healthy digestive function and bowel regularity - soluble fibre has even been shown to have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels when taken as part of a low-fat diet. It is thought that this is because fibre has a natural tendency to decrease the absorption of bile salts.
There is a well-established link between constipation and a low dietary fibre diet. Dietary Fibre Complex is a natural solution for body waste cleanse!
  • A natural food product high in beneficial dietary fibre
  • Derived from a unique combination of psyllium husks and seeds, flaxseed, prune juice, fig fruit and other high-fibre foods
  • Supports healthy digestive function and bowel regularity
  • Blended in precise proportions for maximum benefit
  • A rich source of beneficial Omega oils
  • 20 vegetable cellulose capsules per pot

  • Psyllium husk and seeds blend powder - 525mg
  • Capsule shell (vegetable cellulose) - 100mg
  • Flaxseed powder - 105mg
  • Fenugreek powder - 50mg
  • Apple pectin - 20mg
  • Fennel seed powder - 20mg
  • Prune juice extract 5:1 (Prunus Domestica) - 10mg
  • Broccoli powder (0.5% sulphurophane) - 5mg
  • Carrot powder - 5mg
  • Fig fruit extract 4:1 (Equivalent to 20mg fresh fig powder) - 5mg

  • Size 00 vegetable cellulose capsules
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Take 3 - 8 capsules per day or adjust intake as required. Always take with a minimum of 250ml of water. Ideally taken before an evening meal or total intake can be split over 2 meals.


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