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Comprehensive wellness Coaching Programme

  • Wellness Program

    cells120 days tried and tested health and wellness makeover program. This unique programme is for people who are proactive about their health and not willing to be part of statistics like e.g. one out of three people would die of cancer, 1 out of 2 would die of heart disease.

    • Health and Wellness Makeover (HWM) Coaching Programme represents a shift away from the information-based model of health promotion to a proactive and participative model of proactively creating optimal health and a balanced life.

    • It is about guiding and supporting people to recognise and change negative health-defining behaviours which are self-destructive, draining of our energy, wasteful of our time and dangerous to our health, and replacing these with life-enhancing behaviours which strengthen and nourish us in mind, body and spirit giving us a new vitality and joy in living that is enduring.

  • Why wellness coaching?
    • In the UK, 1 in 2 of us are overweight and 1 in 5 are obese; 1 in 20 adults have obesity related diabetes. 1 in 2 people develops heart disease and 1 in 3 will get cancer - but cancer and heart disease are 75% lifestyle created!

    • 50% of all adults are overweight and 1 in 5 are obese

    • Obese women are at 50% greater risk of getting breast cancer
    • Half a million people each year experience stress at a level that is making them ill

    • Pressured, unhealthy Western lifestyles can also lead us away from our true values and authentic, creative selves. We then lose both our health and happiness as we drift passively into physical toxicity, depression and spiritual malaise

    • Mind, body and spirit are very disconnected and because the state of mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked, it is inevitable that as our health and vitality diminish, so too does our happiness, effectiveness and fulfilment in life

    • 43% of us feel "tired" all the time
Who is Health and wellness makeover coaching for?
    • Anyone that wants to want to create better health and wellness for themselves
    • Are you tired all the time?
    • Do you have the right mindset for creating health in your life?
    • Do you suffer from low energy or ill health?
    • Are you functioning way below par due to emotional strain and stress?
    • Do you sabotage your health and life expectancy with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, overeating or lack of exercise?
    • Are you suffering from professional burnout?
    • Are you at your ideal weight ?
    • Do you know deep inside that there is more to life than you are currently experiencing?
    • Do you know what would make you feel stronger and happier but lack the motivation or energy to change?
  • Benefits of coaching
    • The reason Health Creation works are many fold
    • First it is fun and people love doing it!
    • Second each person receives individual attention to identify their state and needs, receiving the crucial encouragement and support to make healthy changes over time. Email contact minimum once a week
    • Third, because it is based on the holistic approach to health, which gets right to the core of why we might be anxious, unhappy or bored and prone to engaging in self-destructive behaviors such as excessive drinking, smoking, gambling , over-eating and overweight.
    • YOur Coach understand the link between our mind, body, spirit and the environment in which we live and work. Loneliness, stress, distress and feeling lost or dispirited can cause depression of the mind and spirit, leading to immune collapse and the development of ill-health
  • Protocols covered in Health and wellness Makeover coaching
    • Protocols for the body and our relationships with ourselves:
    • Protocol 1 Food To nourish the body with healthy food
      Protocol 2 Exercise To keep the body fit and relaxed
      Protocol 3 Detox To free the body of toxic chemicals, cosmetics,

      • Protocols for the mind, emotions and our relationships with others:
      • Protocol 4 Stress To have a bright, un-stressed mind, free from fear and anxiety
        Protocol 5 Relationships To enjoy healthy loving relationships with others
        Protocol 6 Emotions To express safely current and past emotion and have a healthy heart

      • Protocols for our spirit and relationship with life:
      • Protocol 7 Being true to yourself To have clear purpose, meaning and joy in living
        Protocol 8 Energy To enjoy high levels of energy and vitality
        Protocol 9 Spiritual connection To nourish and free your spirit and live in conscious connection with the source of life

      • Protocols for our environment, personal and global:
      • Protocol 10 Your space To live and work in harmonious, beautiful environments
        Protocol 11 Your communities To belong to and actively serve your communities
        Protocol 12 The natural world To live in conscious, respectful relationship with nature

      • "Health &Wellness Coaching with Ruben has given me a whole new and positive outlook on life! I am a happier and more balanced person! I have more self awareness and understanding of my behaviour. I now feel able to gauge when I am about to lose my temper and calm myself down before I do, which is something I have struggled with throughout my life. I have learnt invaluable skills that I can use when I am feeling angry, depressed or that the world is against me. I feel less tormented by my own thoughts and am able to stop negative thinking. I have gained the ability to see situations from other people's perspective, improving my relationships with those around me. I am far more accepting of others and I feel at peace with myself. Over all I have more faith in myself and a higher self esteem. I look at the world far more positively than before and am enjoying my life more! I have more energy and achieved my ideal weight.

      Ruben's endless patience, understanding and reassurance facilitated this experience and I whole heartedly recommend his coaching makeover programme to anyone who wants to improve their health and their life!"

      Natalie Grahame London

  • Coaching Programme include the following bonus if you book for a limited time

    • Bonus 1: Five and a half ways to well being book worth 10
    • Bonus 2: 4 proven secretly guarded wellness protocols that you must know DVD worth 47
    • Bonus 3: 3 day work out DVD worth 47
    • Bonus 4: ABS DVD worth 47
    • Bonus 5: Heart math coaching session worth 250
    • Bonus 6: Getting the right mindset for creating health and wellness coaching session worth 250
    • Bonus 7: Health and Wellness makeover newsletter worth 20 monthly (20 x4= 80)
  • Email Ruben now if you are interested in this programme


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